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"Remember when service and quality were part of the deal? We do!"

River City Body & Paint offers the following exceptional services to our valued customers...

  • Understanding
  • Clear explanation of the repair process
  • Assistance processing your claim
  • Updating you throughout the repair process
  • Communicating with the insurance company throughout the repairs
  • Courtesy pick up & delivery
  • Rental Car arrangements
  • Secure inside storage
  • Clean friendly waiting area
  • Loaner car upon request
  • Written Limited Lifetime Warranty

River City Body & Paint uses the following State of the Art Equipment to guarantee that your vehicle be returned to pre-accident condition.

Nova Verta Paint Booth

We use water filtration which has less than .5 micron emission. We also have a water wash floor system which eliminates any dust from the floor rising onto the paint surface. We invested in a 1.5 million BTU furnace for oven baked on finish. Every paint job we do is a factory baked finish at 140 degrees for 45 minutes!

Nova Verta Prep Deck

River City Body & Paint has a 38' x 26' multiple paint area for painting up to three vehicles at a time or painting vehicles apart for ease of masking off components and reassembly. Prep deck is also a low exhaust emission to protect the environment and has a baking capability for factory baked finishes!

HVLP Spray Guns

All of our spray equipment is enviro friendly! 
HVLP means High Volume Paint using Low Pressure air through the guns which makes less overspray in our paint areas. Less overspray means fewer emissions!

360 Kansas Jack Frame System

The 360 Kansas Jack is a 25' long platform that we can place the vehicle on and clamp in a stationary form. The purpose for this is to allow us a stationary platform to accurately measure vehicles and make structural corrections to frame rails, unibody structures and sheet metal alignments around the entire vehicle.

Chief 321

This rack is a longer heavy duty rack which allows us to lift and support full frame SUV's, any size pickups and vans. The rack has over 10 tons of pulling power for full frame corrections.

Body Buddy Frame Racks

These racks lay flat on the floor for ease of loading vehicles and will lift over 3' off the ground to enable us to work under the vehicle, on the sides or lay flat on the floor to work on upper panels. These are lighter duty racks for smaller unibody style vehicles that need to be securely mounted for unibody corrections and measuring.

Miller Matic 135

This is a wire feed style welder used for welding permanent panels to vehicles.

Panel Beater Spot Welder

This is a spot welder used to re-weld permanent panels to vehicles. This allows us to duplicate factory original welds precisely in the same locations. Manufacturers are using many different types of metals in vehicles today. Without using a spot type welder some panels cannot be replaced properly.

2-Post Car Lift

This lift supports underneath the vehicle which allows us to remove wheels, suspension and even remove and reinstall motors. We also use this lift for vehicle inspections and electronic measuring.

Ultrasound Measuring System = Sonic 360 - Shark

These measuring systems are the most accurate way to electronically measure every mounting point and factory jig hole supplied by the manufacturer. Our systems are updated continually to supply us with all the factory measurements for every vehicle on our roads today. These systems also allow us to print off diagrams to show our customers before and after measurements of their vehicle.

River City Body & Paint is conveniently located downtown at 34 E. Main Avenue with easy access and free parking. We invite you to become one of our long list of satisfied customers by calling us at 509-624-1910 for all of your auto collision repair needs.

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